Who am I?

My name is Mira Awad. I am a multidisciplinary artist: A singer, songwriter, actress, artist, designer, TV content creator and activist.

As half Palestinian, half Bulgarian, Israeli citizen, I dealt with issues of identity all my life, and chose to dedicate my career to bridging between people and communities.

More about me in my official website: www.miraawad.co

How did Mitra start?

It all started when I wanted to wear a shirt that says PEACE.

I printed one ShlaomSalam Tshirt that I designed, and wore it to stage and on tv interviews. People started asking me where I got it from, because they also wanted to wear the PEACE message. So I started printing and giving out to friends, then the more the demand grew, I started selling.

My Tshirt has reached corners of the planet that I have not visited myself, and I am deeply proud every time I see it on someone, somewhere. Nothing makes me happier than when I receive your photos wearing my designs. 

With fervent wishes for peace and solidarity,

Mira Awad