Designs by Mira Awad

About the store

How did Mitra start?

It all started when I wanted to wear a shirt that says PEACE.

I printed one ShlaomSalam Tshirt that I designed, and wore it to stage and on tv interviews. People started asking me where I got it from, because they also wanted to wear the PEACE message. So I started printing and giving out to friends, then the more the demand grew, I started selling.

My Tshirt has reached corners of the planet that I have not visited myself, and I am deeply proud every time I see it on someone, somewhere. Nothing makes me happier than when I receive your photos wearing my designs. 

Mira Awad.

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, TV content creator & Artivista

Return policy

I go by the the rule of good vibes: If you don't like it, or it doesn't fit, contact me to receive instructions, send it back, and get refunded. 

However, I ask you to be mindful when choosing your product, so that maybe we can avoid unpleasantries and more damage to the environment. Sending a package across the ocean has an ecological price, let's try to keep that to the minimum.

This store was established in the purpose of bringing positive messaging to the world, if the Tshirt is too big, maybe your neighbour can enjoy it? Spread the light, and light will be shining on you as well :-)

Our shipping

I wanted a store that can ship to the whole world, or at least most of it :-) This little naive dream resulted in quite an intricate operation. Not all products are shipped together, nor from the same place in the world. For example, we don't ship mugs with t-shirts in the same shipment due to different packaging materials needed. In such cases, orders would be split and shipped out in two separate shipments. This might manifest in larger shipping fees. Also, not all products are shipped from the same country, therefore you might see different shipping fees, also according to where you are located.